If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
-Mother Teresa

April 28, 2008

Goin' Old School

Hello most patient and devoted blog readers!

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, I am not capable of uploading videos to my blog. I don't know; maybe it's me, maybe it's Morocco. Either way, I have decided to go back to the good ol' photograph, so below you will find some pictures from March and April.

There isn't much going on these days in town. The weather has suddenly gotten much hotter so everyone's drive to get things done quickly has waned considerably. Meanwhile, I've been working hard on the house in preparation for my first visitor, Anny. (So exciting!) The work is going well, but has been badly hindered by the lack of water in my duar; today is day 10 without water. If I didn't have a kindly friend down the hill with a well and a donkey, I'd be in real trouble.

In addition, all of us are preparing for our In-Service Training at the beginning of June. It will be the first time that we've all seen each other since swearing-in! I'm super excited about this, and I imagine that May will fly by just as every other month has, so the waiting won't seem so long.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying cooler weather than we are. Enjoy the pictures!




Ah yes. The dusty haze of Saharan summer has already descended upon us.

Fancy me in my courtyard. On this day we went to a ceremony called "Idernan", which is a mix of Muslim and Berber traditions. It was an amazing event that I did not understand at all, but I will be happy to describe or demonstrate when I get home. Unfortunately, no picture-taking was allowed.

Yes, this is the teleboutique only steps from my house.

Sisters in full traditional dress. The jewelry is unbelievably heavy.

Just hangin' out in the shade. Why am I so low?

Me and my host sister... and my big head.

This is my friend Amina in the full garb of my town. I just love this shot with her superstar sunglasses.

Mahri and I went on yet another hike at the end of March. This is the first in a series of yoga inspired shots we plan to take. I love it!

Here I am looking out from the same rock. This is a natural formation. Can you believe that?!

Just a lovely view of the mountains and amazing boulders

Some of the rocks were painted years ago. It gives the landscape a totally alien feel to it.

More painted rocks...

Can you believe this? That's natural! (not the paint of course)

Me chillin' on my newly upholstered ponjs. They are very comfortable.

Every Friday we go up to the "timzgit" (small, local mosque) to cook and eat delicious suksu (couscous). It's an all-day event; I usually arrive at 11:00 am and don't leave until 5:00 pm, so we have plenty time to hang out, socialize and relax. Naima and I switched clothes for a while on one particular day. I wasn't sure if she wanted my jelaba, or if they just wanted to see me in their usual garb.

Who is that fine lady? I look like I'm about to fly away...

More boar and babies! Yeehaw!

Cactus flower

Just me and the kids! They had a blast trying to take pictures.

This is a picture of the girls singing under a white sheet, while the men play the drums. I'm not entirely sure what this event was, but it was a perfect evening to enjoy some outdoor entertainment; I just wish the French lady's dog hadn't kept sittin on my fancy clothes.